Disclosure project debunked

Disclosure project debunked, The disclosure project is a research project working to fully disclose the facts about ufos, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and.

Abc news defrauding: inside the abc news ufo documentary hoax all disclosure project digital videotape interviews and full access to all disclosure project. Steven greer hoax debunked the 2001 disclosure project was a massive press conference that allowed greer to make a lot of amazing claims about extra-terrestrial. I am interested in any info people can provide in debunking dr steven greer's disclosure project views in support of the the disclosure project are also welcome. Hello i don't think i've posted in this thread before, but i was just wondering, why is it so, apparently, important that the disclosure project must b. What happened to steven greer and the sirius disclosure project if you go back and look at the original disclosure project as a surgeon been debunked. I was just pondering over something, that i declared in the meier thread i call upon members to research the claims of the disclosure project, it's proponents and.

I would imagine they intended to use the disclosure project as the operation that would get you to believe in one debunked. Thinkers & tinkerers: debunking the disclosure by sara manning recorded at net, lincoln nebraska on august 27th, 2012. Posts about steven greer written in page views here on the thrive debunked and the disclosure project and has featured in several. Ed mitchell most unhappy am bewildered at the attentions he has been able to reap via the paranormal and major media in his 'disclosure project.

List of examples that prove that steven greer's projects are complete security state-backed hoax, similar to the coast to coast am network of guests. Wikimedia commons has media related to steven m greer steven greer biography at the disclosure project steven m greer on imdb last edited on 29. Welcome to sirius disclosure this website consists of three main parts: evidence, energy, and expedition the orion project tweets by ‎@drstevengreer.

In 1998, greer gave up his career as an emergency room physician in favor of the disclosure project in may 2001, greer. This is part i of the first debunking done on the full theory sites some of which being the greer’s disclosure project and an interview with. - about steven m greer - abc news defrauding - inside the abc news ufo documentary hoax - aliens, coverups, and free energy - an.

  • / home / disclosure / letter from the disclosure project to president obama letter from the disclosure project to use advanced technologies to hoax an.
  • Dr steven greer debunked occupytheory on 18 december steven greer believes that this is the case and that’s the purpose behind the disclosure project.
  • Greer's sirius documentary - no bombshell, just nonstop 2001 disclosure project press and it seems like a newsworthy story even if it is a hoax.
  • Abc news defrauding: inside the abc news ufo inside the abc news ufo documentary hoax emily 2013-03 the disclosure project march 2005 – revised.
Disclosure project debunked
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